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Propane in Collingwood: Sale, Delivery, Installation and More

As one of the most well-known types of fuels, propane is used in a variety of ways. Millions of Canadians use propane every year as fuel for engines, torches, stoves and central heating. At Bird Fuels, we’ve been providing propane to Collingwood and the surrounding areas for years. Among the propane-related services we offer are:

  • Storage tank sales and rentals
  • Installation, maintenance and repair
  • Residential, agricultural and commercial delivery

Advantages of Using Propane
Canada is the 7th largest producer of propane in the world, accounting for 3.5 percent of the world’s supply. That means for Canadians, propane is readily available. There are many benefits to using propane as a fuel source, including:

  • Clean and efficient. When compared to fossil and renewable fuels, propane matches up well in terms of efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions making it extremely friendly to the environment. 
  • Economical. While the economic factors vary between applications, propane generally offers extremely high value. According to studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, a home heated by gas, like propane, costs about half as much as heating with electricity. Not only does it cost less, but furnaces fuelled by propane can also last 5 to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps. 
  • Portable. One of the biggest advantages of using propane is that it can be stored, transported and used nearly anywhere and it won’t deteriorate over time. 
  • Safety. Propane production, transportation, storage and use of propane must adhere to strict standards and regulations, making it extremely safe. In fact, propane storage tanks are 20 times more puncture-proof than conventional tanks used for gasoline.

Are you ready to see what Bird Fuels can do for you and your propane needs, call us today!

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Want to Learn More About Propane?

As one of the most popular fuel sources, propane is utilized in all sorts of ways including home heating, water heating, clothes drying, and cooking on a stovetop or an outdoor grill. This kid-friendly website shares many tips you and your family members can follow to ensure your continued safety when using propane.

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