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Oil, Propane and Natural Gas Furnaces in Mississauga: Bird Fuels

What Kind of Fuel are you Using?

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If the furnace at your home or business isn’t working properly or isn’t energy efficient, you might want to start thinking about replacement options. Here at Bird Fuels, we carry an extensive line of heating and cooling systems, like air conditioners and gas furnaces in Mississauga. While the upfront cost of new unit can turn some people away, there are a lot of benefits to replacing old systems, including energy savings, which over time will save you money! If you’re not sure what your home or business needs, don’t worry! Bird Fuels offers a free energy consultation! Call today for more information or to book a consultation!

Heating Systems from Bird Fuels

Take a look at some of the heating and cooling systems offered here at Bird Fuels.

KERR furnace

Oil Furnaces
The KERR Paradigm condensing oil-fired warm air furnace represents a shift forward in oil heating technology. It is an Energy Star rated 97% Hyper Efficient™ condensing oil furnace.

Oil Furnaces

  • Maximum savings

  • Greenhouse gas friendly

  • Remarkably comfortable

  • Easy integration

  • No chimney required

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Natural Gas Furnaces

Bird Fuels carries several natural gas and propane furnaces from Trane®, which are extremely reliable and efficient. Other reasons to choose a natural gas furnace include:

  • Savings: Converting to natural gas from an electric, oil or propane furnace can mean instant savings. When you compare on average, natural gas has been significantly less expensive than the other options.
  • Safety: Natural gas is one of the safest energy sources available.
  • Property value: Adding a natural gas furnace to your home can increase the resale value!
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Propane Furnaces

Propane is one of the most versatile energy sources. At Bird Fuels we carry propane furnaces from Trane®. Among the advantages of switching to a propane furnace for your heating needs, include:

  • Efficiency: Central air propane furnaces are among the most energy-efficient on the market.
  • Maintenance: Generally speaking, propane furnaces require very little maintenance. However, like with any heating unit, it’s recommended to have a qualified services technician inspect the unit once a year.

Oil, Propane and Natural Gas Fireplaces

For your heating needs, we here at Bird Fuels offer many different makes and models of fireplaces. In general, there at two main types of fireplaces. At Bird Fuels, we carry both types: masonry (made from brick or stone) and prefabricated fireplaces (made from sheet metal) that can be heated with natural gas, propane, or oil. Not only do fireplaces deliver a one-of-a-kind ambiance and an additional heat source, they can also be used for cooking as well! Call Bird Fuels at 1-888-297-6990 to learn more about the fireplaces we offer and to receive a free quote on your installation.


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